Fee schedule:

My fees are a flat fee that is determined by you and I at the time we determine the service I will do for you and design your Plan. My fee are based on the value of my counseling, experience, time constraints, design and drafting:


  New Model Online             Traditional in Office
Will Based Planning 550 800
Probate Avoidance Trust 950 1200
Lifetime Protection Plan 1150 – 1650 1450 – 2150
Personal Family Leadership Plan N/A 2700 +
Restatement I drafted the original trust Reduce the above amounts by $300.00 Reduce the above amounts by $200.00
Restatement original trust drafted by someone else Reduce the above amounts by $200.00 Reduce the above amounts by $100.00


All plans except the will include the following must have documents http://www.stgestateplanning.com/must-have-documents

  • revocable living trust
  • pour over will
  • certification of trust
  • durable power of attorney
  • advance Health Care directive & living will
  • release of medical records under federal law HIPPA

Each trust plan includes one deed for real property in the state Utah additional Utah deeds are $200, deeds for property outside Utah $50.00 plus the charges of a local attorney in the State where the property is located

                        plus the ancillary informal documents http://www.stgestateplanning.com/informal-documents

                        Personal Property Memorandum

                        Location List

                        Digital Assets and Passwords

                        Persons to Notify

                        Anatomical Gift Directive

                        Memorial Instructions

                        Directions to Trustees and Beneficiaries

                        Legal Vault or similar service for storing and easy access to Medical Directives



            Gun trusts      

Bronze 100
Silver 550
Gold 850



Elder Law – Medicaid planning


Pro Active & Pre Planning 5000 – 7500
Crisis Planning 7500 – 12,000
Initial Consultation and Evaluation $500



Estate Settlement & Administration


The fees for administration of an estate will be set after full review described in Phase One of the Nine Phases of Administration. Generally, the fee will be the greater of 1% of the gross value of the estate or:

            Probate Informal                                                         $1000.00

            Probate Formal                                                            $3,500.00

            RLT passing of the first spouse                                  $2,500.00

            RLT passing of 2nd spouse or single individual          $5000.00


Plus, costs which may include Court Filing Fees, Publication, Bond, Recording and Appraisal Fees.

            These fees do not include Tax Returns, or any Court Proceedings, Filing and Hearings.


Asset protection

Initial consultation $500
Houses of sticks or level 1 no additional fee
House of straw or level 2 no additional fee
house of stucco or level 3 $2500-$4000
house of bricks or level 4 $5500-$7500
Castle with a mote around it or level 5 $20,000 plus


Additional specialized planning all fees are established after the foundational plan is implemented and after further consultation and design.

Such planning includes:

            stand-alone special needs trusts

            stand-alone retirement trusts

            Irrevocable life insurance trust

            advance tax planning involves working with co-counsel and the fee is based upon your needs and following a process for review , design , drafting and implementation.