My Story

E. Lawrence Brock JD, AEP

As I walked out of the courtroom the bailiff was calling for backup. Two of the children of the decedent were starting to fight in the courthouse hall. I was the attorney administering their father’s trust. This was a case that brought home the message not all trusts are created equal or do what the trust maker wanted them to do.

This case along with others pushed me in my quest to find a way to use today’s Internet to help people obtain the best customized plan for them at a reasonable cost. A process that will be simple and understandable yet with all the benefits of the attorney’s experience and expertise. A process that helps families recognize the wisdom and values that are the foundation of their lives. Then and infuse it with purpose into their estate plan then their plan is longer sterile legal documents.

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in both Utah and California with over 45 years of experience in the legal profession. I have seen every kind of litigation and the destruction of families because of poorly drafted and prepared estate plans.

The reason for estate planning is not just to save taxes, avoid probate or lose your assets to the government. Based on my experience the reason for your estate plan is to share all of your assets , not just the financial assets, with purpose and to provide leadership to the generations that follow.

Professionally, my goal and purpose is to help families craft estate plans that provide peace of mind, protection, financial savings, leadership, purpose and guidance to the next generation.

My practice is limited both in the number of new clients I accept each month and the types of cases I accept.

My wife and I recently moved to St. George from the Chino Valley in Southern California. We wanted out of the congestion of Southern California and to be closer to our children (really the grandchildren) who live in the Salt Lake area, but did not want the snow. Each of us had three children when we married 28 years ago. We added two more children.

As a result of my life’s experiences I help families plan their estate and pass on their most important assets in a very personal way.

I invite you to explore this website and I hope you’re able to learn as much as possible from the articles, blogs, videos and webinars and that they will assist you in completing your estate plan.

I am the only member of Wealth Counsel and Elder Counsel in Southern Utah.

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My Credentials:

Wealth Counsel is an organization of 3000+ attorneys that provides the latest education and tools to enable me to provide my clients with the most comprehensive estate planning and related counseling, design and documents, through the congeniality and resources as if I were part of a major firm.

Elder Counsel provide tools and education to attorneys who add to their estate planning practice an area that is known as elder law. This is a broad and diverse area that includes assisting families at times of crisis to qualify for Medicaid long-term assistance, proactive Medicaid planning which includes repositioning assets to enable individuals to qualify for Medicaid and to preserve their assets from government recovery, veterans aid and attendance benefits, special needs planning.

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